What’s The Deal With Our Name Change?

As you visit us online and at our St. Catharines site in the weeks ahead, you’ll notice we’re making a minor change to our name. We have changed our name from Niagara Wheelchairs and Seating to Niagara Wheelchairs, Seating, Mobility. The answers you’ll find below should address any questions you may have about our name change.

Why are you changing your name?

Mobility devices, including walkers, canes and crutches, are an important part of our business and we felt it was time for our name to reflect those related products and services.  You can learn more about our mobility products and services here.

Is anything else changing besides your company name?

The fast answer is: no. While our name is changing, you can expect the same friendly staff providing the same level of quality care at the same location. We also still can come directly to your location for service calls!

Will the way I contact you to book appointments change?

No. Our phone (289-786-0088) and fax number (905-688-3230) will stay the same. While our email addresses will change in time, we will keep the former email address functioning to ensure all messages sent to us continue to be received.

Will I need to tell my doctor or benefits provider about this change?

We have communicated with the doctors and other professionals who refer clients to us and insurance providers to ensure they are up to date on details about our name change. We don’t anticipate that there should be any issues around this change, but our receptionists are always available to talk them through the change should any questions come up.

If there are any additional questions you have about our name change, please reach out by phone by calling 289-786-0088 , or connect with us using our online contact form.

547 Glenridge Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2T 4C2