4 Ways To Plow Through Winter Wheelchair & Scooter Challenges

As temperatures drop and the days get shorter, wheelchair and mobility scooter users begin the countdown to winter weather challenges. This is especially true this year, when escaping from winter weather with a sunny trip south may not be an option due to travel restrictions.

Fortunately, with a little preparation and support, winter doesn’t have to mean pressing pause on life for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. Here are some of our favourite tips for keeping rolling during the colder months in Niagara.

Plow Your Way Through Winter Tip #1: Bring The Wheelchair and Scooter Experts To You

Getting out for appointments in snowy and icy weather can be tricky for wheelchair and scooter users. That’s one of the many reasons why Niagara Wheelchairs Seating Mobility offers at-home service calls. Whether you’re in need of an immediate repair or routine maintenance, our staff can bring all their tools and expertise right to your door.

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Plow Your Way Through Winter Tip #2: Keep Wheelchair and Scooter Batteries Warm and Toasty

Cold temperatures can be hard on your battery life. If you tend to leave your power chair or scooter in an unheated garage and it’s going to be particularly frigid during that time, consider bringing the battery inside.

Plow Your Way Through Winter Tip #3: Check Your Tire Treads

If it’s been some time since you’ve had new tires on your wheelchair or scooter, the treads on the tires may have become worn down. If you do a lot of travelling on snowy and icy sidewalks and roads, this can cause traction issues. Your Niagara Wheelchairs Seating Mobility representative can take a look and let you know if a new set of tires could improve your mobility this winter.

Plow Your Way Through Winter Tip #4: Light It Up

Shorter days, reduced visibility because of blowing snow and slushy sidewalks that may force you to use the street can put wheelchair and scooter users at increased risk of being hit during the winter months. Ensure your chair or scooter gets noticed by using reflectors, lights and a flag. Niagara Wheelchairs Seating Mobility offers lights, reflectors and flags for sale if you need some to draw some additional attention to your chair or scooter this winter.

Do you have any other great tips for wheeling your way through winter? Share them with us on our Niagara Wheelchairs Seating Mobility Facebook page!

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