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Smooth Cruising: 4 Tips To Keep Your Wheelchair or Scooter In Top Condition During COVID-19 Isolation

Have you had to press pause on your annual wheelchair or scooter maintenance as a result of COVID-19 isolation? Here are some easy things you can do at home right now to keep things running smoothly. If you are unable to do these things on your own, another option is to ask a family member or friend to help. If it is someone from outside your home, remember to leave your device outside and carefully disinfect it for them before they take it through this to-do list.

Smooth Cruising Tip #1: Treat Your Wheelchair or Scooter to a Good Spring Cleaning

While you likely already regularly wipe down the seat and handles, it’s important to give the underside of your chair or scooter a little love too. Using a bucket of hot, soapy water and a scrub brush or a garden hose, clean the wheel axles thoroughly to remove small items (like rocks) that might be stuck in the wheel treads. Removing this type of debris will reduce the risk of tire punctures.

Smooth Cruising Tip #2: Inspect All Connections

Over time, connections on your chair or scooter can become loose. Check nuts, bolts and fasteners to ensure they’re nice and tight. If you have a power chair or scooter, check the connection to the battery and make sure the leads are snuggly connected.

Smooth Cruising Tip #3: Check Air-Filled Tires

If your wheelchair or scooter has air-filled tires, it’s vital to fill them to the recommended pressure level. Check the side of the tire for a label with the recommended pressure and then inflate or deflate accordingly.

Smooth Cruising Tip #4: Inspect Cushioning

Cushions, backrests and seating systems don’t last forever. If they are torn or are flattening out, they are due for replacement. As a temporary solution, patch rips and tears with duct tape.

Smooth Cruising Tip #5: Set A Reminder for Scheduled Maintenance

Your wheelchair or scooter should be professionally serviced once per year. While our Niagara Wheelchairs Seating Mobility clinic and at-home repair service are both temporarily closed as a result of COVID-19 safety considerations, we look forward to connecting with existing and new customers as soon as it is safe to do so. Make a note in your calendar to remind you to schedule an appointment in the months ahead. You can also follow our Niagara Wheelchairs Seating Mobility Facebook Page to be the first to know when our clinic is reopening and booking service appointments again. 

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